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Market Commentary - Dec 7, 2015

December 7th, 2015
Market Commentary
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has made another attempt to tally the level of foreign ownership in the country's real estate market. Unfortunately its latest Housing Market Insight report is fraught with the same deficiencies as the first one, a year ago.
The report is limited to condominium ownership with the numbers being gathered from a survey of property manager ...

Helpful Real Estate Tips

November 15th, 2011
Helpful Real Estate Tips
Whether you're a prospective real estate investor, or someone who's simply in the market to buy a primary residence, we can all benefit from the nuggets that were shared via Twitter during the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) BC Workshop last Friday (@REINCanada).

Making the most of small Spaces

September 19th, 2011
Making the most of small spaces

As urban centres across Canada (and the world) become more populated - and developers try to find more ways to squeeze more money out of their projects - you've probably noticed that condo units have gradually decreased in size. Whether you're looking to downsize and ta ...

The Perks of using a Real Estate Agent

June 15th, 2011
The perks of using a real estate agent

With the Competition Bureau pushing for a more publicly-accessible Multiple Listings Service (MLS), and for-sale-by-owners sites, such as Property Guys, picking up steam, you may be tempted to forgo the services of a real estate agent and tackle your home sale yo ...

Questions Real Estate Investors should ask their Accountants

April 21st, 2011
Questions real estate investors should ask their accountants Posted on: January 11th, 2011 by George Dube As a real estate accountant, the most common questions that real estate investors ask me are “Should I incorporate?” and “What can I deduct?” But what other questions should they be asking? Here are just a few that come to mind… How frequently should I be talking to my accountant? Th ...

Canadian Home Prices Drop in September

November 25th, 2010

Canadian home prices drop for first time in 16 months

Consumers upbeat, but still holding onto wallets

  • TSX +102.84 (Reuters) as robust energy prices and strong U.S. economic data overshadowed worries that Ireland's debt crisis could spread to other European economies. New U.S. claims for jobless benefits dropped last week to their lowest level in more than two years, while consumer spend ...

Homebuyer Tradeoffs

October 27th, 2010

Homebuyer Tradeoffs: What Will You Have To Sacrifice?

When you're buying a home, whether it's your first home or your third, you want it to be perfect. Your home affects every aspect of your life, from your financial stability to things you do in your free time to the people you spend time with. It's also probably the most expensive purchase you'll ever make. Yet it seems like you always hav ...

Things you think add value to your home - but really don't

October 4th, 2010

Things you think add value to your home - but really don't

Jean Folger, Investopedia.com  Every homeowner must pay for routine home maintenance, such as replacing worn-out plumbing components or staining the deck, but some choose to make improvements with the intention of increasing the home's value.

Certain projects, such as adding a well thought-out family room - or other functional space ...

MLS News

October 1st, 2010

Real estate group reaches tentative agreement on MLS listings


Globe and Mail

It will become easier and cheaper for Canadians to sell their homes after peace was declared on Thursday in the war between the Competition Bureau and the organization representing Canada’s real estate agents.

The bureau and the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) reache ...

Stable Housing Market Forecast Into 2011

September 19th, 2010

Stable Housing Market Forecast Into 2011

PhotoThe Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) issued a forecast for the remainder of this year's housing activity, and into 2011. By their calculation, the future of the Canadian housing market looks encouragingly stable.

Bob Dugan, Chief Economist for the CMHC, points out that, in late 2009 and early 2010, sales activity included much pent-up d ...

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