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"I work for YOU, not the lender"


Thank you for all your help on this. I know we had a lot of questions and we really appreciate you taking your time to guide us through it all. And also, thank you so much for going above and beyond to help us. Giving us much needed advice beyond just what a typical mortgage broker might tell us. I'm sure we'll be in touch when other things come up. And we'll definitely be referring you to our friends and family.
Thanks again,

Serena and Mike

I got calls & emails from my realtor, mortgage broker & notary public today! What an amazing team of people. They've made my home buying experience such a pleasure. Also quick & painless! I have so many friends in the service industry & I just want u to know that it is possible. Just talk to these guys & they'll give it to u straight. They'll tell u exactly what u need to make it happen. They're honestly amazing & man did they deliver!! Thank you Paul McDaniel, LindaLinfoot MortgageBroker & Editha M. Corrales Nelson for helping me turn my dream into a reality!!


I am so impressed you got us an approval so fast, and that you keep me informed every step of the way. That’s the way I like things to be done, I hate to be hanging so thank you for that. I will definitely pass your card to my friends and family.

Thanks Linda
Shannon & Mike


Thank you for all your help Linda.

It has really been our pleasure having you on our "team". You made the whole experience seem like a breeze. I won't hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends who are in need of a broker!

Hello Linda,

Although I was very leery at first about changing institutions and using a mortgage broker, I am very happy that Mike put me in contact with you. From your discovery that I had a collateral charge mortgage and then finding out all the details to have it discharged, to your referral to the notary you use and tips for things I could do to save some money, I appreciate all the effort you put into making my mortgage renewal/refinance a seemingly easy process. Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. I will be sure to pass your information along to anyone I know who is getting or renewing a mortgage.


I would like to say thank you to you Linda. I know you worked very hard for me and I want you to know that I am very pleased with the outcome! You can be sure that I will be recommending your services the next time I know of someone looking for a mortgage :)

Thanks again.


Hi Linda

Thank you for taking care of us in the purchase of this residence. Your efforts are very much appreciated.
We will definitely be in touch as it was a pleasure dealing with you


Also, thanks for throwing together information for us on the spur-of-the-moment.  We completely appreciate your effort and professionalism.




Thank you Linda!! I never felt uncomfortable at all. Even if there was a fear that I might forget to ask something - you were always there - you completely put my mind at ease. It was a pleasure working with you, look forward to working with you again, and I look forward to referring you to others.

Best regards



Dear Linda;
Thank you very much for all your help
It was a pleasure working with you and we are truly lucky to have you as our mortgage broker!
Our next home will be with you as well :))
We wish you all the best!
Olga and Vladimir



Thank you so much Linda! I really appreciate all your help, and your time. Thank you for your reassurance, for listening to my insecurites, and for running the numbers for me time and time again. You are the best.


Hi Linda
I would like to thank you for your kindness and patience with me.

You have no idea how many plans I have for my future! Part of it was to have more space for both of us.
This is a good starting point. Your help was fundamental to make it possible.

Many thanks,

 Shirley ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________




Dave and I wanted to thank you. My mom still talks about "all the great people" that helped us purchase our first home and we are all very grateful you stuck by us crazy indecisive kids :)





Hi Linda - Everything is great!  Every day we say it's great to be living in Paradise.  We have most of the renovations completed. House looks beautiful.  Everything I've always wanted. Thank you for all the hard work you did for us.  I will never forget you.  Love,Rochelle


Being a first time buyer can be a tough and scary experience, but with Linda it was like a walk in the park on a sunny day. Education is an important part for first time buyers and Linda taught me not only the basics but everything in between, from mortgage approval to finding my dream home. Every time we viewed a place I learned something new, like how to spot warning signs and what types of questions I should be asking. Also, I figured buying my first home would be a long painstaking ordeal, but Linda got me approved and found my dream home in no time at all, not to mention finding me the lowest rate possible which even my lawyer couldn't believe, and he's been in real estate for a very long time. Linda is a real pro and the real deal, it was a pleasure working with her and I will definitely call her back in the future if need be. If you are looking for an elite broker and/or agent, look no further and call Linda, it will be the best decision you will ever make.

Michal Bell - Techbell Computer Service 778-230-9745

As a first time home buyer, I was very happy to have had Linda Linfoot as my broker. She was always available for all of my legitimate and "silly" questions, even though she re-assured me that they were all good questions. She always got back to me promptly to help me through this process. She let me know right away what she would and wouldn't be able to do for me, explained everything not only once but as many times it may have taken me to understand.  I felt very confident with Linda's abilities to find me the best rate for my mortgage, and she did just that. I would recommend Linda any time to anyone looking for a mortgage broker for their first or seventh house.


Linda was recommended to us through a family member who had been working with her off and on for a few months.  When I first spoke with Linda, I mentioned that we were not sure when or if we were ready to sell our home, but we wanted to start looking at houses to see what the market had in store for us.  Linda happily set us up with electronic posting from MLS and kept in touch with us over the course of a year before we were actually ready to sell.  She was very professional and very patient and never made us feel obligated or pressured to list our home until it was right for us.  She gave us her honest and professional opinion on a buyer's and seller's market regardless of the effect it would have on our decision to move.   She gave us much professional insight on other areas related to buying and selling including mortgage rates and dealing with large financial institutions.  She was always readily available by phone, email or in person and we would gladly recomend Linda  to those looking for a dedicated real estate professional.
Monica & Scott Schneider


"As first time home buyers we expected that buying our first home would be extremely overwhelming. One of the best decisions we made in the whole process was choosing Linda as our real estate agent. She made the process easy to understand and manage. Not only was she friendly and accommodating, she was also incredibly educated and well versed in the home buying process. We could tell that she had our best interest at heart and we truly enjoyed working with her. ~ Ashley & Joe Allen"


"As first-time homebuyers, there was a lot that we had to learn as we went through the process of buying a home. Linda Linfoot was an invaluable resource for us: she was always available, took the time to explain every aspect of the process and provided sound and helpful advice. In addition, Linda worked hard on our behalf: Whenever an issue or question came up, Linda always had everything under control and was quick to find a solution.  Working with Linda made our experience as first-time homebuyers comfortable and straightforward."


 Chris Sandve & Kirsten Harvie


Dear Linda,
Being first time home buyers we were very unsure of the entire home buying process, but you made it so easy for us.  You were always there to answer any questions that we had day or night and always explained everything every step of the way.  You gave us confidence that you were always working towards getting us the lowest rate possible, which you did, you got us an amazing rate that when ever I have friends or family ask what rate we're locked in at, they responded with "I wish I had that".  You were a pleasure to work with and I know we'll continue to work together for years to come because I wouldn't go with anyone else. 
Thank you so much,
Michelle Simrose and Andre Kaufman


I came across Linda's name quite by chance, and decided to give her a shout. That one phone called turned out to be an absolute blessing. With a million other things on the go and under a huge amount of stress Linda made the purchase of my new home absolutely seamless and stress free. The professional and friendly manner in which she conducts her business should be a standard that all brokers and realtors should strive to achieve. I look forward to working with Linda again in the future and highly recommend her to absolutely everyone.
Thank you Linda, for making this experience so memorable.
A. Jantzen  

I loved being able to communicate with her while I was at work. She kept me up to date with the progress of the application as well as being able to request documentation from me immediately so that i could supply it the next day, or in some cases the same day. I loved the speed of that contact.

When Linda went on holidays she was still considerate enough to still respond to my e-mails and answer any questions I asked which  was outstanding.

I was becoming very nervous about not being able to renew our mortgage as we were currently using a guarantor on my current mortgage and was in fear we could not get a loan by ourselves, but Linda pulled us into line and kept our focus on a positive outcome. I am very grateful for that, and appreciated her honesty and commitment to making this happen.

Again, thank you so much. I am very keen to recommend Linda to all my friends.

 Steve & Simone


We were referred to Linda by a friend after receiving discouraging news from another broker. Linda was able to find us a mortgage rate that was better than we could have imagined and took all of the stress and worry out of financing our dream home. Linda always made herself available to answer any of our questions and address any of our concerns in a timely manner. We felt the service we received was very personal and that she always had our best interests in mind. We would highly recommend Linda Linfoot to any of our friends or family.


D & R Milne


Our relationship with Linda had started quite a while before actually selling and purchasing our new home.  Linda was very patient and helpful through the whole process.  Linda took the time to look at many homes with us while letting us make the decision as to when we would be ready to sell our current home and move to a new one.  Linda is very professional yet she makes you feel comfortable and is available 24/7 to answer any questions.  Linda was also very quick in getting back to us whether that was to answer any questions or look at any potential homes.  Linda does go the extra mile to find out anything that may be needed to complete the sale or purchase of the home.  We would and have recommended Linda and wish her many successes.

Brande and Derek Christensen


Linda Linfoot helped us by playing two distinct roles when we were buying our first home in Canada.

As our Realtor, Linda tried her best to accommodate us in the newly built condo complex during a last moment sale. She was constantly in touch with the developers and with us before, during and after the sale. Even after the sale was done, she was constantly following up with the developer to fix minor defects. We had heard from friends that Realtors usually disappear once the sale is complete, but Linda has been professional throughout and has constantly kept in touch even after we moved in.

As an experienced Mortgage Broker for first time home buyers who were new to Canada, Linda tried her best to get us approved with various banks and financial institutions. Undaunted by the fact that we were new to Canada and one of us was partly self-employed during the last year, Linda presented our case to various banks. Not only did she get us approved with a good bank and at a great interest rate, she went above and beyond by getting all this done in a matter of days.

Linda understands the needs of the buyers and also gives rational advice. We would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat! If you are looking for a courteous, professional, and very knowledgeable Realtor, you cannot find anyone better than Linda! Thank you Linda for making this happen for us!

Sri & Prarthna
First time home owners


Linda is down-to-earth, responsive, and experienced.  As a first-time home buyer, I was initially nervous and apprehensive.  However, Linda walked me through each step of the process slowly, and answered all of my questions to the best of her ability, no matter how many times I asked the same question or how elementary the question was.  She helped me navigate through listings, viewings, mortgages, insurance, contracts, and more.  We encountered some difficult people along the way and Linda was great in going to bat for me when needed.  She struck a good balance between providing essential support and information but also letting me make my own decisions.  Thanks, Linda!


   - Peter


We are writing this letter to thank Linda Linfoot, from Global Mortgage Corporation, for all of the great work that she did for us in re-financing our mortgage.  We would be very happy to refer Linda's services to anyone we know, whether it's for a new mortgage or for re-financing a mortgage or any other services she offers.




 -Ben & Tanja D.


Hi Linda
I just wanted to take the time right now to tell you how amazing you are.  This is my first time doing all the steps towards buying my first home and I learnt so much from you and I hope to work with you again. I was really happy to hear that you did mortgages as well, I am a simple person and the less people involved in my affairs the better.  You helped me so much, even when I needed to find a Notary Public for the signing of all the important documents.  You went above and beyond your call of duty and for that I Thank you.  I am very excited to move into my new place and I hope that you will come to my first actual house warming party!  I have considered you a good friend to me even though I will never remember what kind of Starbucks coffee you like hahahah. Thank you once again Linda for all your hard work.


Janine Leigh Slack


Buying a condo is a life altering experience that involves making huge decisions.  Linda was supportive and very helpful in so many capacities.  She helped me decide on a place, providing me with advice and perspectives that I would never have thought of. She also helped me find the most suitable mortgage for my needs, giving me useful financial advice.  During such a important time in my life, Linda was there through everything and provided quality service.  I would highly recommend Linda's services for anyone wanting to make the most informed decision as she is personable and knowledgeable.  -Leah




Linda was an absolute pleasure to work with. She made the selling process, undemanding, efficient and effortless for me. Linda has considerable knowledge of the Real Estate Industry in both pre-sale, assignments and the general residential housing markets. She is detail-oriented, accommodating and understanding. I would use her services again and highly recommend her to people I know.


Thanks a million Linda, you are a SUPERSTAR.


Thank you,


Roeina Patel


It was a pleasure working with you. Since it was my first purchase I think you did a wonderful job walking me through all the procedures and following up with me. I will refer you to all my friends who will require realtor services and hopefully in the future will work with you again.  - Julia D.


Linda made our first real foray into the world of real estate transactions very comfortable.  Everything was explained and she made sure that all of the disadvantages of each property were apparent to us.  She took careful notice of what our particular needs were and we are very happy with our sale and purchase.  Thanks Linda!


David Hucul, CFP, FMA, EPC, BBA


Certified Financial PLanner and Branch Manager


IPC Burnaby


As a client of Linda Linfoot, I would highly recommend her to any prospective buyer or seller. She exudes confidence and professionalism, and has a very aggressive go-getter attitude. Linda Linfoot pours her heart into everything she does. She is a very strong woman, and is very assertive when it comes to negotiating. I would not doubt her abilities in the toughest situations. After working with her over the past few months, she has shown attention to every detail and never fails to make sure we completely understand everything. Having a trustworthy relationship has been on the top of her priority list from day one. She has been completely honest about everything, and is very receptive to any feedback. She is very easy to talk to and is extremely approachable. Linda is always upbeat and happy, and always has a smile on her face. I would strongly recommend her to any prospective clients or employers, and I have no doubt that she would be a tremendous asset to any company or customer.




Sandra Fuller


Dear Linda:


Many thanks for all the efforts that you have exerted over the past 3 weeks or so in showing me different MLS Listings.  I appreciate the time and research that you have invested in pursuing the most convenient property for myself. 


John F


I am very fortunate to have had Linda Linfoot as my Realtor. During the very first meeting Linda  explained in detail to me everything I need to know with her pre-listing package. Linda Linfoot has some very good tips. Linda made a strong impression on me with her rich experience and skill as a Real Estate agent. As I got to know Linda better while we were working together, I saw that she has many noble characteristics, such as sincerity, efficiency and the concern for my interests ready to help at any time, just to mention a few. I am very glad that I chose Linda Linfoot to be my agent from the referral I received. I have no hesitation to recommend Linda to any one who wishes to deal in Real Estate.


Thank you Linda!!!


Morgan Chiang 


Dear Linda:
From the first time you called us to offer your services, your warmth and gentle nature was comforting and we knew you were the perfect person to help us look for a new home.  Thank you for being patient with our search and for going the extra mile.   Your efficiency and attention to details helped us not only buy the perfect home but made us feel like we had made the best deal ever.
We appreciate your honesty and constant communication in keeping us informed on the current market value of our townhouse, assuring us that we sell our home for the right price.You provide a warm professional service in real estate and I am pleased to refer you to my friends.


Kindest Regards,


Emilia and Rui Adanjo 


I would whole heartedly recommend Linda Linfoot as a Realtor of great energy, ability, and professionalism.  My wife and I have employed Linda in our search for a family home as well as an investment property.   Linda has been able to determine our needs and provide us with a focused list of properties meeting our unique requirements.  


Linda's positive attitude, polite manner and strong work ethic has served us well as we both have hectic schedules and are not available a lot of the time.   She is very organized, great at arranging and keeping appointments as well as advising us of last minute changes.


My wife and I both find Linda to be charming and personable, while maintaining the highest level of professional conduct dealing with us as clients or with other Realtors, home owners, or difficult tenants.  


I have no hesitation in recommending Linda Linfoot as a very competent realtor to anyone


Linda Linfoot has been extremely helpful in our search for our first home.  Within 24 hours of meeting Linda, she had already forwarded information for us the begin our search.  She has always kept in close contact with us, answered all of our questions, and provided contacts that she could refer to us, to help with our purchase.  We feel Linda Linfoot has been accommodating and has been dedicated to us to find what we were looking for.  She has made us feel confident in our decision.  Linda works with our interest in mind.




Pamela Andee and Kyle MacDonald


Proud first time home owners.


Buying your first home is one thing, but to sell your first home , now that was rough. Linda  Linfoot was great though. Linda was always in constant communication with me about what was happening and making sure that I understood all aspects of the process. She went above and beyond to help me sell my condo, even if it meant dropping everything on a moment’s notice to show the suite to a rushed potential buyer. She also kept exceptionally calm even when things got tough and I would end up quite flustered. Linda Linfoot was incredibly professional, courteous, and willing to help out and answer questions whenever needed. She always made sure that the showings and paperwork went smoothly and was meticulous when drawing up counter offers. Even when rushed by a last minute sale with a difficult buyer,  Linda  managed to help me get any additional Strata paperwork in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend Linda Linfoot as your Realtor. She not only gets the job done, but she gets it done right. Thanks for everything Linda. “ J




Dear Linda Linfoot; 


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated everything you've done for me. You went the extra mile on all levels, and when you didn't know something you would find out. You have helped me to ease into the transition of home owner and let me know all the steps I needed to take along the way, and I can't say enough good things about you. I will definitely recommend you to anyone wishing to purchase a home.
With Sincere thanks,



It gives me great pleasure writing this note to you about Linda Linfoot.  I have known Linda on both a personal and work basis now for 10 years. Linda is an extraordinary woman with many wonderful  facets; her caring and genuine nature, great communication and organizational skills are exemplary. Linda is not someone to watch life happen but to take life head on with a positive attitude. Her passion and commitment to her career allows her to set high standards for herself, she goes above and beyond what is asked of her. Linda is someone who is trustworthy to a T and has integrity in whatever she does. I love watching her spread her wings and flourish in her career.



Bobi Radke  -   Bobi's Wedding Warehouse 604-460-8031


I would like to thank Linda  so much for handling our first experience with a mortgage broker. It is always a stressful time when buying or renewing a  home mortgage  and I found Linda extremely approachable.