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Blog by Linda M Linfoot

Five Steps to scoring a mortgage

May 13th, 2011

Five steps to scoring a mortgage

Amy Fontinelle Investopedia.com

A variety of factors can keep you from qualifying for a mortgage. The big ones include a low credit score, insufficient income for the size of the loan you want, insufficient down payment and excessive debt. All of these factors are within your control, however. Let's take a look at your options for overcoming any liabi ...

Convincing Them it's NOT all about Rate

May 5th, 2011
Convincing them it's not all about rate

As a mortgage broker, one of the most difficult tasks can be to convince a headstrong client that, when it comes to finding the best mortgage, they have to consider more than rate. A recent report by ING Direct confirms this fact - with 71% of respondents confirming that rate is, indeed, the most importan ...

Nine Signs you can't afford a Mortgage

May 3rd, 2011

Nine signs you can't afford a mortgage

Michele Lerner Investopedia.com

While plenty of individuals live from paycheque to paycheque, most consumers know they should be saving money and reducing debt. The recession has drummed that concept into everyone's head as people have watched their neighbours and friends lose jobs and sometimes their home.

Many people say that money worries k ...